A Few Words About Us

Jeffrey D. Bunch



B.B.A., M.B.A., AND J.D.

 Mr. Bunch was admitted to the Georgia and Federal Bar in 1985, and subsequently to the Bar of the United States Supreme Court. He has been appointed by the Georgia Supreme Court as a mentor attorney and he is an experienced adoption attorney. He practices in all Georgia counties in all types of adoptions. He is also an experienced courtroom attorney, including jury trials in both Georgia and Federal courts. He is a recommended attorney for DFACS and Agency adoptions, grandparent and relative adoptions, special-needs adoptions, interstate and Georgia adoptions, step-parent adoptions and second parent adoptions. He is also a recommended attorney for international adoptions from Germany, China, South Africa, Laos, Sierra Leone, Mexico, Jamaica, Korea, Russia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam and all countries of the Hague Convention.